Friday, December 12, 2014


December 9, 2014

Mi Querida Familia! 

Como Estan?? :) Hopefully great! Thank you so much for the addresses mom! I will be working on those as soon as I am done writing you guys! So just so you know I will be planning on calling on Christmas day! and whatever time is best for you guys! afternoon of morning or whenever! :) The church has changed the time for calls now though, its 45 minutes, so just to let you know now! :) I'm super pumped to see you guys! I just keep thinking about how awesome mothers day was and that was like 7 months ago! haha crazy right!? :) Anyway, just let me know on the time of day! :) Anyway, yes mom I love your calendar! The scriptures you used are super awesome! You and Dad are so great! :) I will never take you guys for granted ever again! :) I have received my Christmas package! It is just chilling next to my study table :) Sounds like you guys had an awesome week! I loved the photos of Lauen, especially the one of her and Uncle Fester! HAHAHAHA I about died laughing hahaha :) Nice work on that dad! The Pictures of the Temple in Cordoba are looking great! Seriously! super pretty! Lots of Fun San Diego too! 

Well this week we could not get Alison baptized! she literally disappeared on us! We tried looking for her every night, but she just never was home! Kind of Disappointing, but we are going to have to start over and figure out what scared her and what she did not like! The mission is all about patience and diligence.... However we are preparing our possibility this weekend who is named Yarlin! he is cool, just a little timid and does not have a strong testimony yet, but we are really pushing in these last days to read the BOM and keep on praying to the max!! 

I have learned a lot about self mastery this week and about how to get over the natural man and live as God wants me to live. it has been a really hard week because I am pulling myself out of old habits and focusing myself in obedience to the commandments. However i have seen miracles in my life as God has blessed us with new investigators as well as a closer relationship with Him. 

Just some fun stories that happened this week too :) there was a group of 28 members coming in from Bluefields, to Managua, and were going to stay in one of the chapels here in Managua, and because President Russell is basically the stake president for the District of Bluefields, we were in charge of getting 28 mattresses to this chapel :) and we only did it in 2 trips, with one truck.... :) There are some pretty blurry, but good photos of the Hilux with 11  and then 17 mattresses :) it was pretty sweet! The other photos are of one morning we were shinning our shoes and saw that the shoe polish bottle said it was flammable, so you know that we had to light that on fire :) and the last pictures are of a recent converts little baby puppies! they had just been born that afternoon, and were so cute haha :) anyway, our convert just handed us two little ones and so we took some photos of them :) 

Office work is tiring right now. We are preparing for the Christmas Mulit-zone meetings. Basically that whole meeting is all day and is run on our backs haha. It is pretty crazy! and then a week after those are done on the 24th and the 26th of December, we have on the 8th of January, change meeting again! AHHHH so much stuff to get done!!! But we are going little by little! Eating the horse bite by bite! :) 

Anyway, kind of a slow week here, but hopefully next week is a lot better and more happens :) 

I love you guys a ton!

Elder Naisbitt