Thursday, December 3, 2015

November 23, 2015

November  23, 2015

Mom and Dad! 

Well we are getting pretty crazy close! I cant believe it! sounds like you guys had a great weekend, tiring but good I'mm sure! If you get a sec, send the photos if there were any! We will have to see what Laubs chooses to do with colleges! That will be interesting,

Well my letter will be kind of short this week, not much happened! We have been working super hard outside of the area trying to get the zone moving faster to have this month be a good month of baptisms, so we have been running around crazy, taking buses, and walking home 4 miles because there were not any buses haha. That was last night, Elder Black and I went out to this part of Managua called Loma Linda (Pretty Hill) to help some sister missionaries with their possibilities. We forgot that on Sunday that the buses stop passing around 7:00 pm. so when we finished we went to the bus stop and waited, but the bus never came, so we had to walk ALL the way home. we got back around 9:00 pm, and Elder we sat outside to take numbers, and I fell asleep in the chair. I guess Elder Heileson did too haha, so our kids took pictures of us knocked out at like 10:00 pm hahaha, those are on Dropbox.

With the little time we had in the area this week, we thought we were going to to well in church, but we could only get 8 investigators to church. and the worst part is that two of the people that were going to get baptized this Saturday did not go. Manuel got the famous Chikunguna and was down and out, and this other lady left Saturday night for an emergency in the family. They only have two times in church so that cant get baptized... Darn. We need to talk to them about that and make sure they are ready to go this coming Sunday! We had a ton of cool people but they are fell Sunday morning for a bunch of dumb reasons. We need to work harder this week, and find more ways to be obedient so that it does not happen again! 
Other than that we are doing good, just working away! Sorry for the short letter! 
We had this soup on Sunday called Mondongo soup, which is the stomach of a cow! it was pretty gross haha it was like chewing a bunch of thin fatty meat! I thought it was the intestines at first cuz it had a super weird taste! we ate it all, but the only one who loves it is Elder Guzman! Apparently they eat it a lot in Honduras too! You'll have to ask Christian if he ever ate it!
Anyway, I love you guys! Thanks for all of your support! 

Elder Naisbitt