Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14, 2015

JANUARY 14, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad!

What great news that you were able to meet with the doctors and see that the transfer will not be too bad! That makes me happy! I really hope that all of this stuff with the new drug works out so you can keep fighting the cancer with all of the strength that God has given you! I love you Mom so much! 

Well the past two weeks have been mixed together with a lot of different things it sounds like! Lauren running from all different places getting to work and going to soccer! I would be so tired! I'm glad ash is still loving basketball! I got his letter yesterday! I have the greatest little brother and Sister! Tell ash that I will be working on a return letter and that should come sometime in the future :) 

So these past two weeks have been super duper crazy! We had some radical changes here in the office! First off there is a new elder here in the office, named Elder Mataalii (from LA, but family from Samoa). He will be my replacement here in the office, so this is officially my last change here in the office.... :,,,,,,,( How sad! I have come to love this so much and be under so much stress, that its hard to imagine not having it. but I'm super pumped to be going back into the field as a full time missionary and not have to deal with all of this stuff haha. Anyway, Elder Mataalii is super great and will do a great job at being the general secretary. So right now Elder Mataalii and Elder Hayes are in a trio, which is fun, it is just hard to teach because its really awkward to pass the time, but we are getting used to everything! This change is going to be really awesome! One because of our companionship, two because something else really huge happened! President changed us out of Hialeah and Memorial Sandino, to an area next door called San Judas!! This is the greatest area I have ever been in! We will be baptizing 4 this month, and we already have one completed! There was a kid in the ward who was baptized, but could not get confirmed, so we confirmed him a member of the church last week! Super awesome! We have a possibility for this week named Katy, and she is super solid and is pretty excited for her baptism, and we have her sister the following week named Yahoska, as well as another kid named Nixon! Nixon was a huge miracle that we were able to get his parents permission! We went last week and talked with his mom about baptism and about how he was preparing to make this covenant with God, but the mom was not happy about it, and would not give the permission. So we left trying to figure out what we should do, so we came back a two days later to try again, but the mom was not there, just the Dad. The Dad however was super open to us and our purpose as missionaries, and that if Nixon wants to get baptized he can do it, we just cant force it on him, so we agreed to that, and he signed the permission!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! 

Caty and her pet Pig
This area is so much more blessed than the last one, as well as the fact we are able to go into all of the area and not have to worry about getting robbed and beaten!   I'm pretty happy right now! Well except for what we have to do tonight... 

There is a missionary heading home for reasons which are private, but he his taking a bus back to El Salvador (Area Pres. Order) so we have to get him to the bus terminal at 4:00am, and he does not get in from Bluefields until 1:00am, so we will not be sleeping tonight because we have to weigh bags, and what not. Then we are sending his companion back to Bluefields at 5:00am on a flight from the airport. His companion is Elder Roney, I don't know if you remember him but he was in my MTC group, so we will be up all night driving around....lots of fun. we are also preparing ourselves for the 4-6 of February because that is when Elder Duncan (area President) is coming for a mission tour. So that is what is coming on the horizon for us here in the office! Lots of crazy stuff! 

Just to let you know, I'm still district leader, nothing has changed about that, just the area and the missionaries in my district. 

I love you guys so much! Thank you for all that you do for me! I love you a lot!

Elder Naisbitt
New Compl that will replace Garrett in the office in February
Elder Mataalii & Garrett

Caty's pet pig