Friday, January 23, 2015

January 21, 2115

January 21, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well it sounds like you guys had a BLAST this week! LOTS OF FUNSEEKERS :) I can not believe that Lauren's team did not win! but like dad said, at least they did not lose! I loved the photos haha the water tornado was super cool! Bah rich people! ;) J/K that looked like a wicked rock that hit your windshield, hopefully you can get reimbursed from the car insurance! Lots of fun though!

SO like I said last week, we are preparing these three kids for baptisms. Katy was supposed to get baptized last week but we explained that because her sister did not go to church two weeks ago, she has to wait until this weekend to get baptized. So Katy decided to wait with her sister! They have had their interviews and are ready to enter into the water. They will be baptized on Friday because on Saturday they have a Young Women's activity and they want to go to that :) its going to super sweet! Katy loves the church and everything about it as well as her sister! We kind of hit a wall with Nixon though. His mom got upset that we were trying to baptize him, and so we sat down and kind of Macheted her haha. She felt bad and said that she would pray with Nixon to see if this Saturday is the day he should get baptized. 

We found this new investigator named Jorge, and he is SUPER awesome! He loved the church this past weekend and is stoked to go this coming week! I still have not visited him because the night that Elder Hayes and Mataalii went to visit him, I was on divisions with Missionaries in my district, making them feel super good because they brought 11 investigators to church!! But what was just as cool was that we also brought 11 people to church! It was super awesome! Sacrament meeting was packed with a huge attendance of 181 people! I know for back home that is smaller than normal, but for our little ward here in San Judas that usually has 140, was HUGE! But it was kind of a disaster after that though because they did the Area Plan for 2015, which first was 2 hours long, and second, they just sat and talked about baptisms for the dead.... Lot of confused investigators after that. But we fixed everything haha.

Well President has put the goal of 2000 baptisms this year!!! If we baptize 167 people every month we will meet this goal! But because this goal comes from the Lord, so we know we can hit that goal for 2015!! If we complete it, we will go down to San Juan del Sur, which is the nicest beach here in Nicaragua! When we come back here as a family, we will have to go! It's super pretty, from what I have heard. The only sad thing is that, I go home December 10, so that means I will work really hard to hit the goal, but never reap the temporal blessings!!! Spiritual blessings I will be loaded with!!! haha. But as a companionship we are doing really well! We work with members almost all of the nights so that we can do divisions and get double the work done. 

Well that is my week! I hope you guys have a great week!!

I love you a lot

Elder Naisbitt