Monday, February 9, 2015

February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015
Dear Mom and Dad,

I love you guys a lot! Sorry it has been a really crazy two weeks! and even then I have one more crazy week ahead of us! Elder Dunkan (area Pres) is doing a mission tour on Wednesday through Friday!! It is going to be so crazy!

We just had a mom call into the mission office crying asking about her son, and we were listening about what was happening and I guess she did not receive a weekly letter and her son was kind of sick, so he only mentioned in a quick email that he was in Managua going to the doctors. So she freaked out and called the office crying thinking that something was really wrong with her son. We figured it out, but then I felt bad because I have not written in a few weeks and I know that I am sure you guys get kind of the same way! I'm sorry that I am so busy! I hope you liked the crazy photos of us with the pigs!!!! How gross right????? In each pig head, there was little holes in the ears that you have to put your thumbs through to pick up the head!!! IT was SUPER gross :) So then we would hold it in front of our heads, and the back side was even worse! Oooo mom would have gagged and thrown up EVERYWHERE! It was a great experience though! :) I also hoped you got a laugh at the crazy sun burnt photo haha President had invited us to play Tennis with him, which was really really fun! But us three gringos got TORCHED haha :) It was so much fun though, I'm all good now though! :) I'm so glad that we baptized Katy and Yahoska! they are so great! It was a great week! We found two really great families yesterday, that will accepted a baptism date for the 7 of March! They are super awesome and willing to listen to the gospel! WOOO HOOOOO :) I love you guys so much! Please do not worry about me too much! I'm doing great I have been super blessed with health and energy! I'm just so happy to be here in Nicaragua! I can not believe that it has been 13 months now! I miss you but I love you more! Have a great night and a week!

Elder Naisbitt