Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Dear Mom and Dad
Well this past week was super crazy week! I do not know what to write about haha this is the first time haha. My life has been filled with just straight problems and helping people get baptized in every area but my own. Last week I did not work one full day in my area... I went to this city down south called Rivas, and worked with the district leader down there named Elder Merrill. We went around and pumped up all of the possibilities for baptism in the zone. My son and I were down there for 2 days helping and visiting. In our area right now we have 5 people with a baptism date. This area has been so worked by only zone leaders, and as we say in the mission, have "pulled out the juice" of the area.  We are really struggling to find anyone to teach. Elder Sanchez and I went and contacted around our area and found this crazy Catholic lady that told us that she is a nurse in the hospital. We explained to her the right way of baptism, and I told her that if you get baptized as a child it is an abomination to the Lord, and that Little children do not need to be baptized. I asked her how many children die everyday with out being baptized and saved, and then she tells us the craziest thing I have ever heard in my WHOLE life. She said that if she found a little baby sick, she would take purified water from the hospital, and sprinkle it on the babies head and say I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost!!!!!! Pure Apostasy! We told her to repent and we left the invitation to go to church. I could not believe that there are some people so blind to their beliefs that they would begin to create their own. 

I have been thinking a lot lately on this and how I could apply that experience to my life. Like explained in 1 Nephi 15, that the Iron Rod in Lehi's dream is the Word of God, and if we stay fast to that Rod, we will never be moved. This lady was so lost and confused because she did not study the scriptures on a daily schedule, and only put her trust in other people. We are just like this lady in some way or another. If we do not study the scriptures daily and apply the principles we learn we will begin to fall away from the Iron Rod, and we will never make it to the tree of life. 

Like I said we are struggling to find anyone to listen to us right now, and I am passing through another Gethsemane here in the mission. We are going to have a miracle baptism this Saturday! This little girl in the ward, her name does not appear on the list nor in the list in Guatemala, so we are going to baptize her! She has been a member her whole life, and will be the easiest baptism of my mission haha. But It was a blessing of the Lord to give us her. I'm not sad or upset, just trying to understand what the Lord wants me to learn from this situation. Being ZL is really hard because you not only have to worry about your own area, but you have to worry about the entire zone, and if they do not do good, you have the Assistants barking down your neck. So it is just like I have got 20 different plates up in the air, and trying to keep them all moving with out dropping my own plate as well. *Deep Breath* But I know that the Lord is going to bless me and help our Zone do good. I just have to keep being obedient, and learn what the Lord needs me to learn. 


I am so grateful for you and your love for me. I am so grateful for all that you do for me and the good council you give me! I look forward to hearing about your spiritual experiences and other experiences in the next week! Please share anything spiritual that passes on in your lives! I love reading about those! :) 

Thanks for all you guys do for me! 


I love you!


Elder Naisbitt


I'm glad you are having a great trip in the Philippines and the photos you took are great!