Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 28, 2015

April 28, 2015  (No pictures sent)

Mom and Dad,

Well sounds like you guys had a great week! I'm glad to hear about all of the fun stuff you were able to do, like help Grandma and Grandpa, as well as all of the crazy soccer games you went to haha! I look forward to talking with you guys on mothers day as well! It will be the 10th of May, and I bet around the night time, I will give you an update next week when we have a better idea when the other missionaries will be talking with their families! I'm glad everyone is good in health and no one is STRRRUUUUUUUUUGGGLLLIINNGGG haha :) 

This week was super crazy in the zone and in our area! I have taking this whole zone leader stuff a lot better now! Especially when the zone has a really good week, or in other words, they bring a lot of people to church! haha When they do not, we get our heads chopped off by the Assistants, so that is what really makes things stressful, but Elder Sacalxot and I have been keeping the pressure on the missionaries to teach by the Spirit, and commit strongly! We always say, be as bold as Lions, not kitty cats! :) A Scripture I love about being bold, especially here on the mission is found in Alma 38:12! BE bold, but not over bearing and prideful, but be bold because you love the people and you do not want them to make bad decisions! We are still working on that really good Zone Conference, it will happen this next Friday, so we are preparing everything so that it will be great, and so that the missionaries stop conforming, and start flying! 

We are preparing a super cool kid named Jake for baptism for the 9th of May! He is 12, and is a son of a SUPER less active, and was never baptized! Ill send photos next week of him! We are also teaching now the cousin of Liliana, the girl that got baptized two weeks ago! Her name is Alexandra! She is about the same age as Liliana, but is very interested in the Gospel! Sadly she did not go to church last week, but we will be visiting her tonight.  Hopefully we can figure out what happened, and re-commit her to come next Sunday! Speaking of Sunday, we brought 9 investigators to church, which was great! But we were hopping for 12. We should have committed harder, so that those people could've gone to church. I think we are going to start trying to get more references from the Members, because those are the people that get baptized and stay in church! More than half of the people I have baptized, have been references from the members! If you guys could do one thing for the missionaries, its share the gospel with everyone, and give A LOT of references! 

Well tomorrow is a meeting called, leadership council, which the closest thing I can think of comparing it to, is like President Monson in a council with the 12 Apostles. haha! President Russell sits down all of the Zone Leaders and we talk about each of our zones, how they did the past month, and what needs to change to have more success! It is a very cool meeting, and very inspired! However if your zone had a bad month, its a very macheted filled meeting as well. At the beginning of the month of April, our zone promised 24 baptisms for the month, and we had........8. So we are preparing ourselves for tomorrow, and try and learn something from what will be said! Elder Sacalxot and I have a lot of plans on how we can make the work better here in the zone, and we will just have to do as PMG says in chapter 8, Take the Responsibility. 

Anyway I hope you guys have a great week! I love you so much! Thanks for all of your prayers and support! I would not be here if it were not for you guys! 

Love Love,

Elder Naisbitt
p.s. tell Ash I have his letter half written, it will be sent next week!