Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015
Dear Mom and Dad!

Well this past week has been crazy! First off I got the backpack and card! So whenever you guys can, you can activate that! :) I loved the dotes and the sweet hot wheels! :) Also the book is super great! :) The camera is awesome! I already put some screen protection stuff on it! Thanks for the awesome backpack! That thing will survive a nuclear blast! :) If it is still in good shape when I get home, It will be the college backpack! :) Anyways! Thanks for everything mom and dad! :) 

The next thing that happened, was that I had changes... I have had SO many areas it is not even funny! But I had an assignment change... I was a district leader before, and now I'm a Zone Leader! My new Companion and other "ZL" is named Elder Sacalxot! (pronounced: Sacal-shut) :) He is super awesome, he is the one in the picture of the van, with just my head, and he is sitting to my right! :) he has the same time in the mission as I do! We go home together this coming December, and were like brothers before we became companions! it was funny, in change meeting when we found out we were going to be comps, we both freaked out and were smiling ear from ear! :) My new are is called Las Villas, which is a suburb of a city called Jinotepe! But being Zone leader, we train...so finally The Lord has let me have sons! :) One of the missionaries I'm training is Elder Jungers, from California! :) The other is named Elder Sanchez from El Salvador! :)  I'm sure you can tell I'm pumped! :) Being called as a zone leader is a huge task though... we are in charge of 20 missionaries here in Jinotepe, and we are expected to train them, support them, show them the example, and always be obedient! I have been assigned to work with Elder Jungers! He is a great missionary, and is going to be a great son!

The area here in Las Villas is a tough area! Remember how Masaya was? It is just like that, but the greater part of our area is basically just one long street. but this week, we are going to find a bunch of new people that will be progressing for the month of May. Right now we only have one possibility for the month of April. I guess the last missionaries here just stopped contacting efficiently, and everyone has disappeared. Coming to areas like these are really tough, but I will make the best out of it! :) Always be positive right? :) 

The house we stay in is super awesome too! :) there are a few photos of it! we live in the upstairs of a house, and there are two rooms we use, the bed room, and the study room! There is also a balcony, which at night is super nice! Here in Jinotepe it is super cold! Like only 85 degrees out around 3pm, and at night it is like 70! FREEZING COLD! I cant stand it! haha but the worst is the freezing cold water! If you have not forgotten, I have had quite cold showers for 1 year and 3 months, but they have been nothing like it is here! SO COLD! :) but it is a good way to wake up! :) 

I miss Bluefields! I left my heart in that place... I know the Lord called me there to help the people we were able to baptize. I love that place! Seriously, I have never loved an area so much as i have Bluefields... :)

Conference was great! I loved all of the talks!

In one of the shoe boxes if you could put a bag of the hand flosser things that have the string in between the plastic so I can floss my teeth easy? that would be the greatest! :) รง

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything you do and for all of the support you give me! I'm glad you all had a great week!  I love you a whole lot! :)

Elder Naisbitt