Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 11, 2015

August 10, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad!

That is awesome that Elder Merrill's mom wrote you guys! hahaha! Well I'm sure you guys are dying to know if i had changes right.... :) Well....................... I did....................Not have changes! 

I am going to complete 6 months walking the sammmmeee street hahaha :) I put a picture of the area on Dropbox! Elder Merrill and I have one more change together! hahaha this will be the my longest companion in my mission! Crazy! But he is the greatest! We work super hard together and get a lot done! We have a new edition to the companionship though... :) Elder Gomez! Elder Rodriguez had changes, and we received Elder Gomez! He has 9 months in the mission and is a pretty awesome kid! he is my comp! Elder Lopez is still with Elder Merrill! Elder Gomez is from Guatemala! 

Well anyway we have been super busy these past few days! Ill see if I can remember everything that happened!

Tuesday: We received the changes around 1:30pm, then we went out and worked! We got the bus ordered and then started the very long night...! Elder Rodriguez packed until 1:00 am, 

Wednesday: Elder Merrill and I slept for about an hour before we had to get up again and go and pick up all of the missionaries from Rivas and from Nandaime, then to Managua! We left Jinotepe around 3:00 am to start the pick up! We got to the change meeting, picked up the new zone and made the same trip, just backwards to drop everyone off! Long day!

Thursday: We worked like normal, and started again to work in Dolores, because our little area has not been producing, so we have changed areas again. We are going to baptize a super cool guy this Saturday named Juan! He is 20, and has a ton of friends in church, and loves it! He is kind of nervous about baptism, but we are going to go and encourage him super hard this week and build him up so that on Saturday he is ready! :)

Friday: We had District meeting, and I taught (We are ZLs and DLs because there is no DL up here, just down in rivas) about how as missionaries we need to do a better job at verifying! A lot of times we make commitments, and the people accept the invitation, and say they will complete, however when it comes time to complete, the investigators dont a lot of times because as missionaries we are not verifying and reminding! PMG says we need to pass by everyday to help the investigators remember who they need to put first in their lives! So that is what I shared, and committed the missionaries to do that! We will be verifying on the progress! :) After District meeting I went to go and work with this super awesome RM to go and visit Juan! While we are were walking, the RM told me a very cool way to study the scriptures! What he did on his mission was study from 3 Nephi 28 to the book of Ether. But he read every single foot-note, and wrote down the references that applied to one of the five lessons we teach! Super awesome! In like 2 days my knowledge has grown a whole lot! I will keep this up and hopefully I can get some sweet new scriptures cause I'm so bored of using the same ones! :)

Saturday: We worked again, and committed everyone we are teaching to come to church! Kind of a normal day! Night time came around and after planning we ordered pizza from our favorite pizza shop here in Jinotepe! Nummmmm Elder Merrill does not like extra stuff on his pizzas, so we just get cheese, which is super good! 

Sunday: We left early to attend a baptism of the Sisters here in Jinotepe. Super cool kid! We then went out and looked for our investigators! we ended up bringing 11 to church! Much better than prior weeks! :) With hard work comes great results! 2 cor 9:6! 

Today: We deep cleaned the house because interviews with President are coming up! Sister Russell always comes around to check how clean the apartments are! If they are up to standard, then we get one of Sister Russells home-made Brownies YUMMMMMM :) so we worked super hard to get the house clean! It is amazing how much stronger you can feel the spirit in a clean house than in a dirty disordered house or apartment! :) 

Well those are my adventures for the week! :) 

Anna just sent a picture of one of your peach raspberry pies.....#Day Ruined AWWWWWWWWW i miss those pies.... :)

I'm doing great! 

Thanks for all of your prayers and strength through these hard times! :)

Elder Naisbitt