Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015 

August 3, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad! 

well you both wrote super awesome letters! I was cracking up about Ashes experiment and his "crack pipes" HAHA Mucho LOL here in the Cyber! :) Thanks for the advice Dad! That is something I definitely need to get better at! If I could just look at the small good things that happen everyday, I think a lot would change here in this area! I will pray so that the Lord can bless me with those kind of eyes. Thanks! I love you guys! 

Well here we are, another week bites the dust! This week went incredibly fast, and I hope I can remember everything that happened! :)

On Tuesday last week we had leadership council, like always at the end of every month. Its a time of humility and taking the responsibility for the things that happened in your zone. Our zone did not do as good as it should have (hence the blue ties) haha Usually we try and wear red ties because its a power color, and it looks good with the suits, but we did not do as good as we should have. We explained it all and promised a high, but reasonable goal for the month of August! We got back late that night from Managua, so we went and worked for an hour, and went home, took numbers and crashed.

Wednesday was a good day, we went out and worked, trying to find as many new investigators as we could, but we did not find any that day. That night, Elder Merrill opened up the bible randomly and said, This is what God is telling us right now, and he opened up the book of Haggai verse 9, which said,  "Ye looked for much, and, lo, it came to little;
HAHA we were laughing so hard! That is the story of this area, but we know that the Lord expects us to keep working hard, even in the tough times!  So that was Wednesday!

On Thursday, we planned to the zone meeting we would have the next day, We had realized a few challenges that the zone had, especially with the problem that, The missionaries are serving the Lord, but as D&C 4:2 says, we need to serve God with all our heart might mind and strength, but the missionaries had been working with just their strength. and might. their bodies were working as hard as they could in the work, but their minds and hearts were in other things. 

On Friday we had the Zone meeting. We planned the meeting to include the video of Elder Holland's talk, "Do you love me?" (Thanks Dad). We hope we can see a change in the way we as missionaries work, and just like I have said since the beginning, don't let yourself pass through the mission, but let the mission pass through you! We made some cards that will help us remember the that, "The worth of souls are great in the sight of the Lord" D&C 18:10. After that, I had to go to Rivas to help pump up some people for their baptism the next day, and then a Sister got sick and had appendicitis, so The district Leader and I were running around till about 10:00 getting her to a clinic. The Assistants showed up around 11:00 to take her to Managua. Crazy! Late night again! She is doing better now!

On Saturday I came back from Rivas, worked the area, and got people committed to church! We have very little investigators, so we are trying to protect them and teach them well so that they don't fall either. 

On Sunday we ended up bringing this really cool family to complete (Dad is member, wife and kids not) to church! They are awesome! The wife is a little on the not interested side, but that should change through the course of the teaching! We brought 12 investigators to church, all thanks to God. I do not know how we receive so many blessings! Sometimes i feel like King Benjamin, in Chapter 2: 22-24! We are so in debt to God! My favorite hymn here on the mission has become, "I stand all amazed" Its amazing! We worked the area, and found a cool family, and two young boys that are interested in the church and what we teach! THAT!

Today we cleaned the house, got something to eat, and now we are here!

This week are changes, and I think I will have them...:,( I am going to miss Jinotepe if I do have changes! The people here are the greatest! 

Ill let you know next week what is going to happen!

I love you guys! Thanks for all your support and love!

Elder Naisbitt