Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad!! :) 

How are you guys doing?? :) Sounds like a week full of soccer! That is awesome the experiments Ash made and that Laubs killed it in Soccer! :) Nice! Sorry for the loss of pride mom, but I'm glad you are safe! :)

So this week was INSANE! I cannot even explain how crazy this week was!! So right now the zone is doing super super good! We have 22 baptisms as a zone for the month, which is the highest the zone has ever baptized in the history of Jinotepe!! We are super pumped at the success that The Lord has given us here!! We are shooting for 40 baptisms as a zone this month, which 18 baptisms above the record!!!!!! WOO HHOO! :) Elder Merrill and I were talking last night that the reasons we love our mission, (The best mission in the entire world), So much is because all we do is think about Baptizing! We go to sleep and stress and dream about baptizing, we wake up a think about baptizing, we work all day long praying and thinking about baptizing! :) As Missionaries we have one purpose, which is to baptize and retain! Everything we do is pointed to those two points! When President asks why we are here, the answer is in a loud voice, "Baptize and Retain!!!!" The ward is supposed to fortify, the ward is supposed to serve, but we are here for two reasons, baptizing and retaining those baptisms! I love my mission, I realized that this past week, and It has brought me so much more happiness! :) sometimes I'm sure you have wondered why I do not take more pictures of other things or of us during the day, but its because I really do not have anything to take pictures of, besides baptisms haha, That is all we do, and that is all we are supposed to do, baptize and retain!

In short words, I'm pumped! :) 

Elder Merrill and I since Wednesday have been going around visiting people that are preparing for baptism in the coming two weeks! I went with Elder Gomez to Rivas and was there from Thursday till Saturday, Elder Merrill and Elder Lopez  stayed up in our District to visit possibilities! Last week was one of the hardest working weeks of my mission! I got back just in for our baptism we had!

We baptized Juan last week:)  He is so great! :) I feel like he was so prepared to hear the restoration that baptism was just the only option he could take! :) Super awesome! In the pictures he is the fat guy, in Nicaragua, if some one is fat, they say they are "beautiful" :) Awesome right??

This week we will be baptizing a guy named Humberto! I'm sure you guys remember him from past letters. About a month ago we dropped him because he was not progressing, and he was wanting to get farther away from God. So we let him go, and about two weeks ago, Elder Rodriguez (my last son) went and passed by his house, and he was completely different! he told Rodriguez that ever since we stopped visiting him everything in his life had gone wrong, and that all of his bad habits of smoking and drinking had ruined his life. He committed to stop smoking and drinking, and from that day till now he has been clean! :) If He gets baptized, I will know and feel like my mission was a success! I love that guy! :) All of his family are members, and are very supportive of his baptism! He is 25!

On Sunday we brought 12 investigators to church, and got Juan confirmed! The Lord really blessed us for the lack of time we had in the area! 

Today was the most memorable P-Day of my life mostly because we cleaned the House, then got a phone call from Sister Russell and she  told us that we needed to go and look for a new apartment for a companionship of Sisters in a city called El Rosario, which is part of our district. We spent from 10:30am till 4:30pm looking for a house. #NoRestForTheWeary! We found an apartment, but we are waiting to hear if it got approved.

Now here I am, writing to you about my adventures in the Chapel! Overall, It was one of the greatest weeks of my mission! :) 

Love you guys!

Thanks for all of your prayers! :)

Elder Naisbitt