Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 24, 2015

August 24, 2014 (He left his camera cable home...no pictures :-( 

Dear Mom and Dad!

You guys had a very busy week! crazy! Sorry about the van troubles and the loss for the Laubs, but pinochle, camping, and ribs sound AWESOME! 

Well this was a pretty boring week, but I'm still happy and working hard! Sorry the camera cable in the house! Muchas fotos en la siguente semana! 

So like I said last week we were going to baptize, however we were trying to move his baptism date up, and some investigators are okay with that, however Humberto is what Nicas call "Fresco" haha which means he is very calmed down so he does not like moving things very fast or changing plans at the last minute haha he is kind of frustrating sometimes hahaha :) But he is pretty solid to get baptized this coming Saturday! :) 

Elder Merrill went to Rivas this past weekend to solidify possibilities that were down there. So I stayed alone in the area with Elder Lopez! We have been working in this new part of our area that we had not worked and we have had lots of success! We brought 6 new investigators from there on Sunday, and ended up bringing 12 in total! 12 is the minimum we have to bring every single week! So we know we can work harder and be more obedient!

Speaking of Coke... Just some fun thoughts I had this week hahaha :) A bottle of water here costs 16 cords, or about 50 cents haha :) however a glass bottle of coke costs 9 cords, or about 30 cents :) a liter of gas costs 30 cords, and a liter of cokes costs 18 cords :) a liter of water costs 35 cords. Water more expensive than gas, and Coke is the cheapest of all! :) #ThirdWorldProbs

Basically what I am trying to get at is that we drink probably too much coke haha :) I went a whole two weeks without it one time, then I ran out of my money for the 14 days haha :) Oh well, Ill get back into the $1 Powerades from McDonalds when I get back, or just being able to drink water! :) 

Anyway Sorry for the short uneventful letter, but next week it should be a great letter! This Saturday we have a HUGE meeting with the two missions here in Nicaragua and the meeting is being presided by ELDER RUSSEL M. NELSON!!! #SitUpFront #ModernDayPeter

I love you! Thanks for the Pizza recipe, and for getting that contact Solution! #Stuggggllliiingg :)

Love you!

Elder Naisbitt