Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad!

well this week was super crazy! That's all I can say! Sounds like your week was good! I hope the laubs is feeling good and that her arm gets feeling better! 

Like I said this week was super nuts! there was so much that happened! Wow! 

Ok well first off I will say that I have never been so tired and stressed and hungry in the entire world! Elder Merrill and I figured out those are the basic feelings of a hard working servant of the Lord hahaha.  At all times we feel those three feelings haha. We are stressed because of the lack of sleep, and because of constant hunger haha. We are tired for the lack of food, and stress. We always are hungry because we are so dang tired and so dang stressed! hahaha its a vicious cycle!!!! :) With that is always mixed in Joy! obviously!

So last Monday we went to visit a family that is less active up in the top of our area, they are super super rich!! We had never visited there, so as we walked in we sat down on really nice couches, and as we sat down, the Dad went up the stairs, and as he went up the stair I noticed something I had not seen in over 20 months.....CARPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we had to take pictures! :D  Pics are on drop box!

We ended up getting a call on Monday night from one of the assistants and they told us on Tuesday we had mission leadership council the next day, so on Tuesday we basically did that, and that night we ordered pizza and celebrated the good month we had so far, ill tell you how the zone finished in the month of August at the end of the letter!

I was not sure if you had seen my new scriptures covers since I had them made, but they are super sweet!

On Wednesday we went and worked in our area for the first time in a few days, and found a few cool people! Elder Merrill and I went down to Rivas that night to do some baptism interviews for the upcoming Saturday, and we came back Thursday Morning and got to work!

On Thursday we spent most of the day getting ready for the upcoming zone meeting that happened on Friday. That was super time consuming, but worth it. Elder Lopez and Gomez worked in the area, and kept everything moving! 

So Friday we spent all morning planning out our zone around the idea that Missionaries are like sharks. Sharks are super interesting because if you put a baby great white shark in a small fish tank, supposedly the shark will not out-grow the fish tank and never gets to its full length which is over 15ft long. Missionaries are like that, we seem to for some reason  we put limits to ourselves and never grow to our potential. The missionaries loved it, and then we showed the video of Elder Uctdorf's talk about the guy on the cruise ship that did not take advantage of everything that was available to him! It was good! Friday night we slept like 1 hour because we were preparing the famous "Pick-Up" to take all of the missionaries to Managua for the meeting with President Nelson.

We left our house around 3:00am! I tried taking a picture of my watch, but that did not work! Sorry, but we got to Managua around 6:30. We were so tired....Still am haha. So we took some pictures of the trip. 

The meeting was awesome! I felt the spirit so strong confirm to me again that we are in the truth, and that we were listening to a true prophet of God! It was awesome! President Nelson talked about the importance of studying and knowing the doctrine in our hearts! He gave us a few new tips on how to study and what to study! It was awesome! I cant really describe it, but it was awesome! :) 

We left Managua and made the same dumb trip back to Jinotepe. We made it back home around 5:30pm dead as rocks, but we could not rest because of what we were about to do as a zone!!! At the beginning of the month of August we put a Goal of baptizing 30 people, which is something that the zone never in the history of Nicaragua has ever completed! So we had 22 baptisms coming into the last week, and we had exactly 8 possibilities. We were so stressed all week to get those 8 people in the water because it was our goal! We prayed hard, and worked even harder to get this Goal! But you want to know what happened....? :) WE BAPTIZED 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how we did, but the Lord is amazing! We are so thankful to Him and all He did to help us reach that goal!

Now here we are, on Monday! This morning in the middle of cleaning the house, the government showed up and told us they were fumigating, so they came and fumigated our house! There is a few pictures and a video of that! :) 

Love you guys! Thanks so much for the contact solution! If I run out of those two bottles ill just buy more! Thanks for everything you guys do for me! 


Have a great week!

Elder Naisbitt