Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

Mom and Dad!

Hey Mom and Dad! :) Utah!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Utes! I cant wait to go to games again! St. George for Christmas sounds like the greatest thing EVER!!!!!!!! #Pumped I cant believe that Baylee is getting married....Crazy! I'm proud of her! Awesome! Well I loved hearing about the Utah game! Go Utes!

Well sorry for the shortness of the letter.... Nothing really happened this past week! 

On Tuesday we went and just worked! We found some cool people that said they would go to church. 

On Wednesday it rained cats and dogs, and we got soaked, and then we prepared for interviews with President that would be the next day!

On Thursday we had interviews all day, and we were in the church and in the car with Sister Russell and one of the assistants checking the apartments from 8:00am till 8:00pm! my interview was great, I was able to express the things I wanted to change, and President helped me do that! I needed help forming better questions, so we worked out some ways to do that! 

Friday was the bad day haha, hence the Subject of the email. So we got out to work after we taught district meeting, and Elder Merrill and Elder Lopez went and worked with some sisters that are struggling, so I stayed in the area and worked, but it just got worse through the day. We had some good investigators just decide to turn their backs on us, and not want anything. That day we lost 15 investigators. That has been like the 5th time that has happened to me in this area. 

So on Saturday to help us bring some people to church because we had like 3 people that stayed with us through the epidemic, we went out with the determination to find new investigators, so we set a high goal to contact 100 people. We just kept the attitude high, and talked with everyone. We ended up contacting 107 people! We looked pretty good going into Sunday.

Sunday comes around, and not a single person we had contacted the day before went to church. We ended up bringing  9 people to church from the help of God. But they were just nonmembers passing through the ward and were just visiting family members. Darn. So this week we are going out firing, contacting using the restoration! Hopefully that helps us find a few more positive people that are willing to listen to the Gospel! 

Changes are coming up in the other week, so we will see what happens in 10 days....I'm hoping for changes, but we will see what the Lord wants.

I love you guys! Thanks for the prayers and all of your support!

Elder Naisbitt