Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 - (no pictures, forgot his camera cord)

Dear Mom and Dad!

Saw the pics, the house looks awesome! The stupid van tire is still behind the garbage cans!! haha the small things never change do they... :) sounds like you guys had a busy week with soccer and with work! Hopefully everything is going great! :)

Sorry again for the money, I explained that in a letter. 

Well I'm sure you're wondering if I had changes....YES!!! :) haha I'm now back in Managua, in a neighborhood called "Altagracia" High grace haha and El Recreo. I'm still zone leader, but I'm now over the Universitaria Zone! :) This is the zone with the office, so its been nice to see the secretaries again, and say "Hi" to them! :) My ZL Comp is named, Elder Vega. He, actually, goes home with me in December, so I'm sure he will have changes in October, and Ill get a new comp in the October change. I will "Die" here in Altagracia, so that's been a weird thought thinking that this is my last area.... But its sweet being back in Managua! I'm in a much safer area than before, so don't worry because I know it was hard for you last year with all the robbing haha, but our area is safer, and its not scary, so don't worry! :) Our zone is 24 missionaries, and 11 areas.

Right now i am finishing up the training of a new Elder, named Elder Guzman. He is from Honduras, and is super fun to work with! We have been getting a lot done in the area the past few days! This past weekend we had Stake Conference, and we were blessed to bring 13 people to church! We had a lot of help from a Recent convert named Luisa! She brought 8 of our investigators to church with her, which was awesome! :) The members here in Altagracia are great! they are Much better than the poor little Las Villas members. Elder Merrill is still there, and has a new companion, Elder Copeland! He was our district leader down in Rivas! We three became like best best friends in Jinotepe. We always called ourselves the Three Musketeers haha. I miss those guys a lot!

This week end we should be baptizing around 4 people in our area!!!! AT LAST! Baptisms..... it feels so good! Our district leader did all the interviews last night, so we are just locking them down, and are in pump up mode! :) October we are hoping to get a lot of baptisms as well! I'm dying, baptizing! that was my prayer to the Lord, and he answered me! :)

Sorry no photos this week, I left my darn camera in the house. next week there should be a lot of pictures of people in white, I mean that's the hope right??

Well that's what has been going on, there should be a lot more to write next week with all these baptisms we are going to have!! :)

I love you guys! You're the greatest! Sorry for using my card. I think I'm just going to put it away in my bags because here in Managua, there is nothing to use it on. We have McDonalds in our area, but we only go on Mondays!

I love you!

Elder Naisbitt