Monday, October 19, 2015

October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad!

sorry I could not see the video of Mormon Tab. Choir.  We cannot get on YouTube!  I'll watch it in two months! That is so bad that Laub's lost her car!!! :( Its true though because if you look at my key for the Honda, its super bad, haha! I don't know the word to describe it, but its DULL! That's the word! :) anyway, that's hard to hear, I'll keep her car in my prayers! I loved the pics of you guys at the birthday party! :) you look awesome! And that's awesome to hear that the Utes won! GO UTES! :) Wish Laub's luck as she goes to state! Hopefully you feel better dad after working hard with Kelly! 

This week has been one of my favorite weeks in the entire mission! I think I mentioned that we were going to have a few baptisms this week, but we are teaching this family, and the Mom got baptized on Saturday! Most of the family is already members, except the mom and dad (The 2 people in the middle!) The mom, Mayra, has been an eternal investigator since January, and she decided after listening to the law of chastity, she decided she would separate herself from her husband because they still are not married. Before the Husband, Freddy, did not want anything with the missionaries, but as Mayra took the leap of faith to tell him that they could not live together anymore, he became interested in the missionaries, maybe at first for the wrong reasons, but we have been teaching him for two weeks now, and he is AWESOME! :) They don't live together anymore, but he comes over to listen to us, and then goes back home! Three weeks ago we committed Mayra to get baptized on the 10th, and she accepted! She got baptized on Saturday! :) Super happy moments! :) I love that family so much, and if they get sealed in the future I'm going to try everything I can to come and see that! :)

We also baptized a little girl named Anjery, she is the daughter of a recent convert that decided as well to get baptized on the 10th! shes is awesome! Her mom, Brenda is the one in the photos with her! :) I love that family too!

In short words, "My joy is full" :) 

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! Here in Nicaragua, they break eggs on peoples heads for their birthdays haha, so I will be in the worst church clothes I have! :) I will make sure to write grandpa John, and Grandma Jackie, and thank them for the birthday money.

Love you so much! 

Oh, btw, no packages yet, maybe next week!

Love you!

Elder Naisbitt