Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad!

That's awesome you found Laub´s car!! Too bad though that it took a joy ride down the Las Vegas though....In Nicaragua when someone does something dumb, instead of saying idiot, or dummy, they call people horses haha, don't ask me why because I  have no idea! But that's what they say! So in this moment I would say HORSE! :) I love the Nicas! :) I can't believe that Christian and Jake are home! I can't believe how fast time went! GO UTES! One of our district leaders here is a faithful Utah fan, so we chat about that when we get a free second haha! GO UTES! 

So I added some photos of that super cool family! Freddy, the dad will be baptized this Saturday! WOO HOOO! :) we have 3 other baptisms too! We have a solid four! maybe five if one comes back from a city outside of Managua! The Lord has helped us out so much and we have seen so many miracles in the past few weeks, and we have tried to work as hard as we can to get new investigators, and we know we can work SO much harder! I am trying to give every last drop before I'm gone, and I cant be am Elder anymore! The mission means to world to me, and I am trying hard to give it all in the little time i have left! We are having a lot of success, the ward is doing great, and I feel like the Lord is helping me replace the 6 months of basically no baptisms now! I'm so grateful for all that He gives me and all the help He offers me! 

We baptized a very cool kid, who is a the kid of a recent convert that just got baptized, Mariela! The kids name is Ronald! He should be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood soon! He was an easier baptism He wanted to get baptized, he had no issues with Word of Wisdom, and obviously Law of Chastity! Super cool! 

I have began doing something that I did a few times before the mission, but I started doing it again! I have started reading the Sacrament hymns while the deacons pass the Sacrament. It is a very spiritual way to enjoy the Sacrament! I have grown a big love for the hymns, and the spirit a person can feel while you listen to them! I also have realized that if you want to bring your thoughts directly back to the Lord, does not matter how lost or confused you feel, just start to sing your favorite hymn! My favorite hymn has become Hark All Ye Nations!! I promise when I hear that song when I get back home, I will cry! It is a very popular hymn here in the mission! It was also the first that I had memorized completely in Spanish! The Spirit hits so hard when you sing hymn! 

Anyway I just wanted to share that experience with you guys, and a suggestion as well! Do it, it makes Sacrament time much better! :)

Oh, I have not gotten any packets yet, but its because I have not gone to the office in a while, but maybe on Friday the secretaries will bring the packages to district meeting! 

I love you guys! :) Thanks for everything you do! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Elder Naisbitt


Oh and I forgot to mention, my birthday was great!

In Nicaragua there is a tradition to throw eggs on the heads of people that have their birthdays, so that's what happened to me! We had a meeting Thursday morning, and all the missionaries in the zone brought eggs, and they smashed eggs on my head outside of the church on the grass hahaha! That was a mess, but all good! :)

That night we went to a Freddy and Mayras house and taught Freddy, and then they surprised me by buying a pizza for us and their family! YUM! :) They are the greatest! The youngest kids, Byran and Emma got me a gift of Chocolates :) that is what that little blue package is! :) They are the greatest! :)