Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 27, 2015

October 27, 2015

Hey Mom and Dad!! :)

That's so good to hear that Christian and Jake are back, and doing good! I cant believe that everyone is home but the Gerbs! Sounds like you guys had a good week, and the pics of Ash are awesome! #Boy Scouts Hopefully that this coming week is going great! Hey can you guys see my pics, I was looking at my blog. and I did not see the pics...hopefully you can, I would feel bad if you had not seen them. Let me know! 

This week was AWESOME! Everything went as planned for the baptisms and everything! We ended up getting 3 baptisms, one of ours will do it this coming week, Eliezer. But we baptized Freddy, Adalaida, and Jenifer! It was an awesome baptismal service, and the spirit was super strong! we bought like 8 liters of Coke afterwards and cake to celebrate with everyone! Pics on Drop box! :) The Family of Freddy and Mayra are now complete! In one of the pictures has the whole family, and the brother of Mayra, Norlan, who is member too! Freddy and Mayra are the Parents, then their oldest son is Kevin (not present), then their daughter, Dulce, then their son, Bryan, and finally, the last Emma. They are by far the greatest family in the entire world, minus my family! they are the best!

I cant remember if I told you about Jenifer last week or not, but Jenifer is a girl we have been teaching for about a month now, and has made lot of changes in her life to get where she is now! she is a super strong convert, and will stay active in the church! :) AWESOME! and finally Adalaida is an older lady we have been teaching too. She was supposedly baptized like 20 years ago, but she said she did not get confirmed. We talked to the secretaries to verify if she existed in the records kept in Guatemala to see if you had a record number, but she did not appear! so we started again to prepare her for baptism! We are working with her daughter, Scarleth, who has been to church now three times with us, and is wanting to be baptized, we just have to catch her up on her teachings! SHES NEVER HOME! haha but she will be baptized on the 7th of October so that we can finish teaching! 

We are looking for new investigators right now, and this week we are trying to put into a plan that the missionaries use "Plan:Whitness" which is a plan to find new investigators. You find a street, and go from house to house trying to get in and put baptism dates with whatever moves. You may be wondering why its called, Plan: Witness, well its because here in central America, the Jehovah Witness are super strong, and the JW's, go from house to house when they are out preaching haha :) So that's the plan this week, "Burn" the area!

Ill keep you updated on all new stuff next week! 


thanks for everything you guys do!

Love ya tons!

Elder Naisbitt