Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad! 

Hey before I wrote the letter I wanted to tell you that I wrote ash a letter last week for his birthday, but I'm not sure he has checked his email. I just wanted to let you know so you all don't think I'm the worst big brother in the world! 

well its good to hear that everything is going well! Travis you are working so hard! shout out to my buddy Kanyon! :) Ash´s party looked fun too! Good to see everyone is doing good! I'm glad you guys are doing good! 

This week went by so so fast! We had been keeping all of our investigators pumped about conference! it all paid off though because we were able to bring 21 investigators to church! we had a few miracles that showed up by themselves, and were kind of sad we did not pass by and take them, but they all loved conference! I had to listen to it in Spanish so I could not hear Pres. Monson, but I could tell he was slumping over and that the microphone  was like half way up his face. Elder Merrill was listening to it in English in Jinotepe, and he sent me a message that he thinks it was Pres. Monson's last conference. Lets keep up the prayers on his behalf that his life can be extended as long as the Lord needs him here! I loved the talk from Elder Duran as well about Ponderizing the scriptures! I felt like that was written for me because I struggle so hard to be able to get the scriptures profoundly in my heart. I am going to be putting them on my study desk once a week, and always be memorizing more!

(Garrett's in the photo 8 of 29 once you click on the link.

This weekend we are going to baptize two people! A lady named Maira, and a kid named Andres. Maira is a mom of a bunch of recent converts, and is super awesome! we were able to teach Law of Chastity to her, and she chose to separate herself from her partner, so she is doing awesome! I love that lady and her family! We have tried teaching her partner, but he was not to open, but since she has left him, he has been more willing to listen to us. He went to conference with us and the rest of his family, and loved it! He has been looking at the changes that his children have made, and that his future wife has made, so he is super open now. he accepted a baptism date for the 31st of October, and is on fire! His name is Freddy. Andres is a kid we have been teaching, and is super pumped as well to get baptized! :) Hopefully we can dunk 4-5 this month! :) 

well that is about all we have done this week. we are trying to find a bunch of new investigators and keep the old ones progressing! its a struggle, but the Lord always provides the strength and power to keep doing this. I want you guys to know that i love you and I am forever grateful for all that you do for me! Your guys are awesome! :) 

I love you!

Elder Naisbitt