Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another week bites the dust! This week has been seriously been one of the best weeks of my life! Spanish is coming along really well! Just a quick over view of the week! :) 

1/10   Friday: Today was pretty much uneventful, my and I companion decided to start getting up at 5:30 in the morning to read scriptures in Spanish!  I'm so tired, but i think that is what is helping me so much with the language! 

1/11  Saturday: Day full of classes, and lots of learning, but that night we talked wayyyy to long about our first kisses, and how they all went down! It was so interesting to hear people's stories haha :) I  have grown so close to these guys! We are like a brotherhood! We all get along so well, and we all are on the same page!

1/12  Sunday: No Talk for me!!! haha we had an awesome devotional by Elder Holland, about missionaries and how we are the symbols of the church. It was so empowering and made all of us really sit down and think about our missions so far, and how much we really need to improve. He is such an amazing speaker, and really can draw the spirit in!

1/13  Monday: At lunch we all got talking about what life will be like heaven, and we all kind of agreed on the news station that would broadcast in Heaven, "Ceilo News" (Ceilo in spanish is heaven) hahaha. we were all laughing so hard haha :) My companion and I  taught Carlos tonight, and it felt like a pretty amazing! The Spirit was so strong. He has had Dolores y Pecados (guilt and sins) and so I felt impressed to tell him to kneel down and ask him to pray to His Father in Heaven who Loves him Siempre, and ask for El Perdon de sus pecados. El Espiritu Santo was so strong and as he prayed it really hit all of us and we all were crying pretty good haha :) After the prayer we asked him how he felt, and he said in spanish, Optimistic! This Gospel is a message that You can receive revelation from God for yourself, and that God Loves YOU!!! God will always forgive and has his arms open to all of us, all we have to do is take the first step. 

1/14  Tuesday: Tonight we had such a great Devotional by Elder Bednar and Sister Bednar. The spirit was so strong, and at one point he talked about spiritual gifts. All missionaries that will be speaking a foreign language are promised the gift of tongues, however if we are praying to receive them for ourselves, we will never get them. Every Aspect of a mission is to serve others and to be there for others. If we want these spiritual blessings we need to want them to help benefit others lives, rather than to benefit our own. He closed the devotional be telling us that we need have patience in the Lord. The Lord works on his own time, and we need to accept that, and be patient. That message was exactly what I needed to hear. It was such an amazing answer to prayer.

1/15  Wednesday: Tonight we decided to take all of our beds out and make a huge blanket fort our of all of the sheets and blankets in our front room of our casa. It was so Awesome! There is a picture attatched of it :) Best night Ever! :) 

This week has been the greatest! I love you guys and I miss you!!

Moroni 10:3-5 

ALL of God's children can receive personal revelation!

Elder Naisbitt