Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week 2 in the MTC Mexico

Dear Mom

Week 2 complete!! It has been a crazy hard, but good week! we all have been really leaning on each other has we all are trying to learn the language, so we have all grown really close with each other! We all had a really humbling and kind of a discouraging night on Monday. Our investigator, who we have been teaching, and who me and my companion committed to baptism, told us he had something happen with his girlfriend and him (keeping it pg for the kids) and they didn't feel bad. We were so stunned and shocked and distraught, that we just tried our best to finish the lesson, and try to reclaim the spirit enough for us to testify of Christ, and for him to feel bad for his sins, and repent. BTW this is a fake investigator, he is just our teacher at night, but it is so real, and you really learn to love these investigators. So our whole district, 6 boys and 4 hermanas, had the same experience on Tuesday. We all were so sad and felt totally discouraged. I don't think anyone was taking this whole teaching thing very seriously, and it really just hit home tonight that this is something we have to be able to cope with because we will be teaching people in 4 weeks with these same problems. We teach him again tonight, so Ill let you know how it goes next week! 

I haven't got any packages yet, but I'll keep checking. 

In class last night we had a really cool experience when our meastro was teaching us how to get an investigator to pray, and i was paired up with one of the Hermana's in our district, and we were both feeling the spirit so strong. Its such a cool experience to be able pray and to ask if the Book of Mormon is true. The classes are crazy long, and mostly in Spanish, but I'm getting pretty good at understanding, speaking is slowly trailing behind ha-ha. I miss you guys!

Last Saturday night, there was this huge tie trade party thing at one of the casas on campus, and the guys all went, and we got some pretty sweet ties!!

Love you guys! Its so nice to read your emails! 
Alma 26:27

Elder Naisbitt!

(from mom....I sent a dozen donuts from a website that was recommended and it was NOT fulfilled!  Lame.  I've tried to get a hold of them through email/phone and no response!)  Hopefully I can get it to work out and he'll have a fun surprise!
Thats so awesome that you are working out! Our gym time is spent playing ping pong ha ha :) I have kind of become really good at it, and I have committed to myself that the first thing I buy when I'm home is a ping pong table!! haha

I'm glad my patriots are doing good! There is another elder in our district that is a patriots fan, and its been fun to talk about it! Im glad the Utes are rocking it too!! I'm singing Utah Man in my head!

It's been a super spiritual week, hard, but spiritual. Mom has the full story, but basically our fake investigator that we committed to be baptized decided to have relations with his girlfriend, so its been tough trying to figure out how to teach him.  As a missionary we tend to fall in love with not just the people, but who the people are! Even if they are fake, its been hard! 

So I figured out the best way to get packages down here is by Religious tape or put pictures of the Virgin Mary across all of the seals of the box, and the Mexican or Nicaraguan workers wont cut through the picture of Mary because  its like defacing a religious image :) so give that a whirl next time you guys send something!

I love you! Read Alma 26:27-29 it has brought me so much strength this week!

Elder Naisbitt
Lauren and Ash both rec'd emails as well.