Thursday, January 2, 2014

Week 1......Guess What Day it is?.....P-Day

(disclamer from mom....Our family loves the Geico auto insurance add "Hump Day" and the camel on the commercial says it the way Garrett writes it in his letter.  For Christmas I bought all of them t-shirts with a camel and the word Day on it.  That is what Garrett is referencing.)

Guess what day it is?? Guess what daayyyyy it issss?? P-DAY!!!! :) thurdays are our districts prep day! it feels like its been forever since i have talked or emailed to anyone except a missionary haha! Our casa has four rooms, each with four elders! Elder Soifua and i are in room three with elder Roney y Elder Naupoto! its a total blast! We sit and laugh and joke all day haha! its been a pretty crazy week! lots of meetings and even more investigator teaching! Every night this week our district along with another district all have had "progressing investigator" which is you and your companion teach an investigator of the church about the gospel... worst part is, they know very little English! its soooo hard cuz i know barely any Spanish and my companion can barely pronounce half of the words haha. its a great teaching experience, its just really hard to be able to invite the spirit to there because both of us are stumbling over our words and trying to figure out what words to use haha, we will get better though.

On Saturday night our Branch President told us that every Sunday like 6 missionaries have to speak in sacrament, and they don't know they are going to teach until that day right after the sacrament is done being administered. Just my luck, i first get the assignment of talking about the law of chastity for five minutes, then i get called on that morning to speak haha! I felt like i did alright for talking about chastity on the spur of the moment and in broken Spanish haha. The rest of Sunday was really awesome though! we watched an awesome devotional that elder Holland gave at the Provo MTC and then the six elders in our district memorized the missionary purpose in Spanish! 

The food is really really good here! Tuesday night is Pizza night! Im already eating a lot of beans... refried though! haha the food is generally pretty traditional Mexican dishes, but like last night we had Chinese food! yummm! Lunch tends to be the best meal!

Gym started on Monday! all we do is play basketball and table tennis haha our six group of elders don't take much seriously, so on Tuesday we decided we would play 5 on 5 in basket ball with another district, they wrecked us, but they didn't have any fun! One elder had played 2 years of college ball before coming out haha its crazy! We had a table tennis tournament yesterday, i have 0 hand eye coordination so i was out really quick, but there are some really good elders! 

The language is really hard! its coming along slowly, but it will come with time! 

Last night and the night before was the best nights so far! Tuesday night we stayed up with the entire casa till midnight celebrating new years! its been so crazy in Mexico! especially on new years! I guess people have cannons or something and they would just blow off cannon blanks all night, so we joked about that in the morning, if we survive, we have to write our own rendition of The Star Spangled Banner! hahaha! And Yesterday night, my companion decided he was going to go to the shower in the room next to ours! so while he was in the shower, we got everyone in whole casa to start flushing the toilets!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha we sincerely apologized, through hysterical laughs, after he got out of the shower :) 

On Tuesday we have devotionals, and we watched Elder Bednar's devotional at the Provo MTC! it was so amazing! it was about the character of Christ, which is giving when you are in hard times and all you want to do is turn in wards. The spirit was so strong! My favorite line he said was "if you go looking for yourself, you wont find it, but if you lose yourself, you will find yourself." How true that is! If we try to become like Christ by constantly thinking about what WE have to do, we will never get there, but if we simply turn away from the natural man which is constantly begging us to make everything about us, we will find ourselves more like Christ than we ever imagined! 

I really miss you guys! I have totally taken for granted having a family at home that you can always talk to!

I love you guys!!        **from mom....(the EEEEEEEE before Elder is a quirkey way  Lauren and Garrett talk to each other)

EEEEEE Elder Naisbitt, Signing off :)  

Here are some Pictures! The MTC blocks all websites that aren't oriented. So here a select few! We went through the Mexico City Temple today! it was so pretty! I have been having a total blast! i wrote mom the main update email,  but i just wanted to write you and tell you how much i love and miss you. Its so hard at night to lay there and think that i am so far away from you guys and i don't have an amazing dad to lean on for strength. I love you and I'm so grateful for the hero you are to me! The spirit is so strong here, i have never felt so close to my Heavenly Father, and that is pretty much what gets me through each day, is knowing i have an amazing supportive family back home that loves me, and that i have God and Christ that are with me as well. I grabbed my gym clothes before i left, and thank you for sending the watch. I can't wear bracelets in the MTC, or Pins, cuz i guess its not professional. But hopefully my mission president will let me wear the bracelet cu z i know ash spent a lot of time on it. I love you guys! Tell Lauren and Ash I love them, and that I'm proud of the wonderful siblings they are. I found the pictures  mom packed me! they have been such a help to me to see you guys! I'm sitting at the computer trying to cry! haha I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Naisbitt