Friday, January 31, 2014

January 30, 2014 - Week 5 (last full week in MTC)

Mom! :)I  just got your first letter you sent like a month ago!! Pouch mail I guess is the way to go, I just sent my responses today so we will see how long it takes to get there! Im so happy to hear about your good news! I have been praying really hard for you these past few weeks! Thats so awesome about the Paul Iverson kids!!! hahahaha,  poor Ash, I'm sure he would've had a really awesome time! I'm buying a ping pong table when I get back for sure! We play that so much while we are in gym, and its kind of my new favorite pass time! haha.  I was just thinking about that new watch.  I completely forgot to get it fitted to my wrist before I left, so I guess I will be a watch worker the next coming days! :) So im really happy that your scans are going well! hopefully theses stupid tumors in your head are affected by this new treatment of Gamma Knife Radiation!!!!!!! Ill keep praying for you!

So this week has been pretty uneventful, as of today we leave in 3 days to Nicaragua, and we leave at 9:18 in the morning!!! We are all itching to get out of here! It's awesome here but it's time to do some real teaching.  My Spanish is coming along really well, and I credit that all to the Lord. There's no way anyone without the gift of tongues could have improved this much in a foreign language! I'm so grateful for the Spirit and how helpful it has been to me! I'm actually quite surprised at how easy Spanish is! There are just a lot of little rules and all of the different forms that you have to conjugate verbs too!

Any way, like I said, This week has been pretty uneventful, except for the past few days.... 

Book of Garrett Chapter 1

And, it came to pass that on the night before the Last, there were four of us dwelling in the land of casa 36 room 3, and we all become exceedingly hot. So hot as to exceed all other feelings and a few of us, began to murmur exceedingly much because of the awful temperature that had seemed to come from nowhere. So whilst the mourning commenced, I thought to myself, I will go and do, for I know I can conquer this heat! I lifted the hearts of my fellow brethren by convincing them that we had to open the windows.  Now this was a grievous tasks for my brethren because of the awful stench that seemed to always exist outside in the city of Mexico. The stench was a stench that was nearly unconquerable, however the commencement of spraying our new found weapon, cheap cologne (AXE), made our burdens exceedingly lighter, so as to get some sleep upon our beds.

But behold our night was not over yet. For the use of our weapon seemed to have drawn together a swam of flying beasts to the screen of our window. And it came to pass that as we were in our slumber, these blood sucking beasts commenced there infiltration of our casa. For the hour was early, and we sound asleep full of pride in our defenses and slept not with our swords beneath our pillows.

 And behold, we awoke to a buzzing noise in our room, that was piercing to the soul, and touched each of us with awful fear. Not knowing how long these mosquitos had been in our room, we quickly hid ourselves under our blankets. Behold the West Nile virus and Malaria seemed to encompass us.  We hoped with all our hearts that the bugs would lay low. Before long, the noise stopped, and we then re-claimed our sleep. 

However, for what seemed like only a second, I awoke, and realized I had been severely wounded by one of these beasts. Behold, I could only see out of one eye, I then began to fear that I was blind and would be lost to this mission. Quickly, however I realized I was not blind, but that one eye was swollen shut.  Oh my family, how I would exhort you to never open a window in Mexico City and use the strength of man scent to over power the stench that has settled here in the City. I quickly jumped out of bed and unknowingly woke the beasts up which then again began to encircle my fellow brethren.( At a later date I sincerely apologized for my selfish actions.) 

As I further inspected my eye, at the hour of 5 and a half, in the morning, I realized my then current appearance made me look like Quasimodo (Disney Reference).   I resolved the only way to be healed was to give myself a blessing, so i prayed to make sure my actions were right, and the answer was no.  So not being able to help myself, I realized I had left, upon our table my sewing kit. Grabbing hold of one of the needles, I tried with all the force to release the blood from my eye lid, but it was to no avail, for the pain was exceedingly strong, and I had not the strength to even break the skin. For behold the eye lid seems to be the most sensitive skin on the entire body. My last attempt at saving my eye from utter destruction was to take the herbal medication of Vitamin I (ibuprophen).  I weighed the consequences of gaining a stomach ulcer from not taking food with vitamin I (Ibuprophen), and the healing of my current appearance and condition. And it came to pass,  I took Vitamin I, taking upon myself the power of earthly medication. My burdens were made extremely light, and by the mid- afternoon my eye was saved. My joy exceeded  all my expectations, and it seemed to overflow  my entire body! 

The following night, we conquered our foe with a weapon bestowed upon us, a fly swatter. The massacre was one that has never been seen before. But behold my joy and the joy of my brethren was so great, because none of us had harmed or killed in this new battle! We thanked the Lord greatly that night! 

Thanks Mom for everything that you do, and I hope you enjoyed the letter this week! I love you and I'm so grateful for doctors in Seattle. I believe my P-Day will be Monday, but I will try and email from the mission home :) LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!  

Elder Naisbitt 



Awesome pictures!!! 

The guys in my district thought they were the best! This week has been a really good one, not a lot happened, but it went by really fast and it was fun! So we leave Monday at 9:18  to Nicaragua! I don't know what time I  will arrive or anything yet, but we get our itinerary sometime today,  so I'll email you again latter to let you know! 

I think my P-Day will be Mondays, so i'll probably get a chance to email from the mission home Monday. But, I think the next email I can send to you will be the following Monday! :) Its finally here, I cant believe it! I feel like we have only been here for a few weeks, not 6! 98 weeks left!!!!! :) I love you Dad, I'm grateful for you and mom's weekly emails, I look forward to them every week!  I have learned so much from you and mom, and I use a lot of the teachings you guys taught me during FHE. We were talking the other night about some of the stuff we wished we would have done before we left, and Ash came to my mind. I wish with all my heart I would've done more stuff with him! He's seriously one of the coolest kids I know, and I seriously regret wanting him to act like he was my age rather than his age. I miss you guys a lot! Have a great week! Have fun up in Seattle!

Elder Naisbitt


Got my flight itinerary! 

I leave Mexico city, Monday 9:18 am and its a three and a half hour flight
arrive at 1:57 pm at Panama city
leave Panama City at 7:02 pm-hour and half flight
arrive at Managua at 7:48pm

We are all really really really really excited!!!!!!!!