Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 4
Hi, I Loved the pictures of our family! Those were huge milk shakes Ash Dax and Stockton were eating in Las Vegas for Lauren's soccer tournament.

So just a little about this week! We found out today that the five of us that are going to Nicaragua,

leave the 3rd at nine o'clock at night!! we are all freaking out! :)

 So a really cool experience this week teaching.  My companion and I were teaching one of our investigators, and we were teaching about the Plan of Salvation. We really couldn't get the spirit to be there, it was really hard. Eventually the guy said he had like five minutes and I was super impressed by the spirit to talk about you and your cancer, and how I know we can be as a family forever. I shared that all of this my mom is going through is because God has a plan for her, and that He created this plan of salvation for families. It turned into a cry fest pretty quick, my companion and I couldn't get a grip cuz of how strong the spirit was! I love you mom, and I Miss You! I miss all of the time we spent together, I tell the other elders that all the time! You're my hero!  I Know if  everything else were to fall apart, I know i would have you, and the Lord supporting me no matter what! 

Elder Soifua and I got our second investigator to commit to baptism!! First in our District to get him to commit! On Monday we got oil vials, and oil, and consecrated the oil, pretty cool.

Tuesday we had an all Spanish Devotional! All the New Bee's in the CCM got translator things, however everybody that had been here for more than two weeks had to listen without it. The first twenty minutes were so hard!  I thought my head was going to explode!  However, I quickly adapted and ended up understanding like 80% of what was said! 

The Elders and I  had another sleep out in the living room! These late night talks have made all of us soooooo much closer! 

I finally got your letter!!!!! so pouch mail takes like 15 days to get here haha :) Pretty sure the pony express could get it here faster! ;)  I was the first to get an actual letter in our district! Im so grateful to have an awesome mom like you! I'm really bad at folding my clothes, and i keep wishing i had you here to teach me! I love you!

Finally, we only have  11 more days here! It feels like we have been here forever, but then we really haven't, and Pdays come so much faster now! I love emailing you guys and reading the emails, it keeps me happy and sane.  I have so much to be thankful for!

Have a great week! Scripture of the week: Alma 7:14-15

Love you to Pieces!!!

Elder Naisbitt